A Criminal’s Kiss by pialovesfood

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This book centres around a nineteen year old named Skye Moreno. She, and her four brothers, run a gang. When her eldest brother, Elliot, gets out of prison, he brings Blake Reynolds with him. Skye and Blake spark up a connection and the whole book revolves around them.

This book was quite short. I did begin reading it and got to chapter five then put it down. I picked it back up this morning and spent around an hour reading the next sixteen chapters. It didn’t take that long. While the book was short, it had quite a bit to it.

Skye was an alright protagonist. There were moments when I found her annoying but, like I said before, the book was short so that didn’t last very long. I liked that she was strong and had this sort of ‘no-crap’ attitude. She also wasn’t very girly and didn’t obsess over her appearance.

Blake was okay too. He was quite mysterious which makes up for 95% of the book. I would have like for the author to give his age though. It would have made him easier to imagine. I guessed that he was older than Skye but there were moments when I was doubting that. He acted like a twelve year old. Sometimes, it was entertaining, other times, I just found it annoying.

Because the book flew by so far, it was hard to really get an understanding of Skye and Blake’s relationship as well as their characters. We didn’t really get to know Blake very well. It’s like he only existed in the present, there was nothing about his past. We never found out either how the Moreno’s began their gang or why they started it. There was a lot of unanswered questions.

Her two brothers, Jake and Elliot, were my favourite characters. Throughout the book, we could see how strong Skye’s bond with her brothers was. Elliot was the oldest and really cared about her, that much was evident in the end. Not only was he caring but he cared for the whole family as well. He was their leader. He also had a joking side that was shown in a lot of situations where I expected him to be really angry and protective/big-brotherly.

I liked Jake because he was a complete idiot. Only in like the last chapter did we find out his age but I swear, it was so wrong. He wasn’t twenty throughout the whole book, he was more like ten. He was so funny and really made any boring or bad situation better.

I would have liked the see her other two brothers, Marcus and Aaron, a little more in the story too. Her friend, Mac, was also a character I would have liked to see more of.

After the climax, all that was left was the resolution and that came one whole year later. ONE WHOLE YEAR LATER. Looking through the comments section, I found that didn’t only annoying me. But boy, did it bug me a lot.

There was nothing much said about the year that past, what the characters did through that year. Then, it gets to the end and BAM! Everything’s back to normal. Until the author just had to go and upset the whole world. Rain on my parade, she did. Yes, the ending was sort of expected and yes, I’m sad that it happened but props to the author for doing that. I’m just not sure if it was that needed.

Yes, it was a good novel but I would liked for it to have been longer and the characters to have a bit more development than they did. I give it 2.5/5 stars.


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