Accidently Kidnapped by HessianKills

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Accidently Kidnapped centres around November Jones. One day, she goes out for food and winds up being kidnapped. The guys don’t even notice her until they’re miles away from where they picked her and the car up.

This book was really enjoyable. I have an odd liking (really an unhealthy obsession) for books set about gangs and funnily enough (not really) this happens to be one of them. I loved the whole gang side of it. The author did a very good job in setting the scene and plotting the place for this book. (Great sibilance and alliteration work there, right?) It was very easy to imagine the gangs secret underground hideout. Whoops, guess it’s not so secret anymore.

All of the characters were likeable (apart from the characters you’re not supposed to like) and funny and their relationships with one another were woven together perfectly too. They each had their own traits and characteristics that were different from the other and it was easy to distinguish each of them. The author also did a very good job with the characters’ storylines themselves. This review is written a little while after I actually read the book and I still remember most things about it. I remember a part of one character’s plotline (I’m not going to say who) that intertwined with another character’s storyline so that one character was distant and cold towards the other. I think the author did a very good job of portraying that coldness.

In all, I really enjoyed this story. It was funny and maybe not realistic but very memorable. I liked it so much that I read her other two completed books and I would read this again. They weren’t as good as this one but still enjoyable. They were earlier releases and that is obvious by the development in the author’s writing style. Maybe if I had read the two previous ones before I would have enjoyed those two and this one even more.



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