Off Limits by Alexandra Vos

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Published: October 2015.

Off Limits, previously a book on Wattpad, is a standalone novel about a girl named Carmen and a boy named Luke. This is the second book by Alexandra Vos that I have read and so I knew she wrote books about forbidden romances. Although, when I started reading this, I had no idea how the romance was forbidden. I wasn’t even sure there was a forbidden romance.

I was ecstatic when I heard back from the author herself letting me know that I could in fact receive one of her books in return an honest review. The previous book of hers that I read, Her Teacher’s Temptress (which was called Light of the Morning when I read it) was a book I really enjoyed reading and so I was very happy about getting the chance to read this advanced reader’s copy.

Carmen and Luke dislike each other in the beginning of the story and are forced together by Luke’s girlfriend and Carmen’s best friend Phoebe. Luke is failing German and Carmen is a great at German so Phoebe thinks it’d be a great idea for the both of them as a way of bonding. Little did she know, they bond more than they should.

For whatever reason, Carmen and Luke find themselves confiding in each other and relating both their family and parental situations to the other’s. Luke begins telling things to Carmen that even Phoebe doesn’t know and that begins putting a strain on both Luke and Phoebe’s relationship and Carmen and Phoebe’s friendship.

They begin sneaking around behind Phoebe’s back and although I loved their realationship, I still felt it very wrong. I think they shouldn’t have prolonged telling Phoebe about their secret meetings. They both didn’t want for her to hate them or to hurt her but I think prolonging it may have had a worse effect.

There were many surprises during the book. The two, after their first meet-up for real tutoring find out they’ve got a stalker. One that keeps showing up throughout the novel. I hate to admit it, I was slightly anxious for them. The novel was quite suspenseful with the recurring events of their stalker and the mysteries that surrounded said stalker.

Although I didn’t like the sneaking around, I loved the connection that Luke and Carmen shared. It was very real. There were a couple of things that got in the way of them being together but I think that was expected, given that Luke was already someone else’s boyfriend.

I flew through this book because it was a fast-paced read and, in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Luke and Carmen brought me on. The ending was a little unexpected and I am thankful that all burning questions were answered.

As I’ve said before, I read another of Vos’s books prior to this one and will continue reading them. I love her writing and she is a really nice person as well. I am thankful I was given the oppotunity to read an ARC of Off Limits.

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