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It’s quite hard writing this review, I don’t really know what to say. I’m not sure whether I really enjoyed it, or really didn’t like it. This may be more rant style than anything else so please, BEWARE.

This book centres around a girl named Lilith, or Lilly, who is a regular student in high school. She has no friends because her only best friend is now the mean girl and then there’s her boyfriend. When drunk, he is abusive and for some goddamned reason, this makes everyone not like her. Maybe it’s because Max, her boyfriend, is popular and captain of the basketball team and they think she deserves it.

Are they idiotic? No one, I mean, no one, ever deserves to be abused.

Well, during her senior year, Lily gets a new English teacher and, low and behold, she’s attracted to him as is he with her.

From near enough the very first scene, we see Max’s abusive nature- both verbally and physically- and then in the aftermath, his regret and remorse. He tries to apologise, act normal and well, Lilly loves him so Lilly forgives him. Early on, we find out that, because of Lilly’s easily forgiving nature towards Max, her parents want nothing to do with her. So, she lives with Max, which can cause quite the sticky situation.

I mean, what parents, after finding out their daughter is being abused, kick her out? Do they want her dead or something? I have a real problem with this and instantly disliked the parents for this. Also, to other readers shipping Max and Lilly: are you insane?

Lilly, not being liked in school, struggles a lot. She takes solace in the company of her English teacher, Chad. I’ll admit, when I found out his name, I laughed. The only thing I could think of was High School Musical from when I was a kid.

As cliché as it is, her ex best friend, Anna, turns to bullying Lilly. She was hung up over some incident between the two a year prior or so. Then, finally, a new girl comes along and wants to be friends with Lilly. That’s great for Lilly, I thought. But then, when Anna gets thrown into a sticky situation, Lilly is all too forgiving and leaves the new friend behind for Anna. I mean, come on. She’s just been bullying you and has the whole school against you.

There’s a lot of boy drama in this book too. Everyone seems to have ‘perfect teeth’ or ‘attractive teeth’. I’ve never heard someone describe teeth as attractive. But, nevertheless, the good thing about all this boy drama was the amount of ships people got out of it.

I’ll admit, there were a couple of unexpected things that may have drawn my eyes away from the more obvious, overused senarios that occured. And, I am thankful for them. I would have enjoyed the book a lot less than I did.

This was a student/teacher romance, but at the same time, it wasn’t. It was like, a high school, drama, angsty read with a little student/teacher attraction. If you’re looking for a good, loveable student/teacher romance with complications surrounding said romance, this is not the book for you.

I think, unknown to the author and anyone really beginning this book, the major thing in it is high school drama. There was a lot more focus on her personal life with Max than her secret (non-existed in most cases) life with Chad.

Finally, ending this sort of chat, I just have one question:

If you were Lilly and Max were abusing you would you really leave home to live with him? Lilly, faced with an ultimatum decided on her abusive boyfriend rather than her family.

And, in saying that, if he were caught, would you then allow there to be implications or would you let him run free?

Although I did have a problem with a couple of things, ignoring them, I really enjoyed the story.


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