The Gang Leader’s Girl by Madison_Mirabito

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To be completely honest, I didn’t have any expectations going into this book. It seemed I’d already read every good gang leader book out there. And frankly, I didn’t even remember I’d read this until I went to count home many books I’d marked completed in my reading list. I couldn’t even tell you what this book is about now without the help of the summary.

So going by the summary, it’s about a girl named Chase Casedy who just got released from prison and see meets this guy named Sebastian Michel (They just call him Michel.) She fights MMA, he’s a gang leader. There’s romance between them. Tah dah.

Enough with the sarcasm, my first problem with this book is that the author really wanted to be in the story. So much so, she put in her opinion a lot of the time. That really annoyed me. For example, ‘Michel is much like Chase if I do say so myself‘. And, that’s only taken from the summary.

You might be wondering, ‘well, why did you pick that book to read?’ Really, I’m not sure. It’s sounded okay. I didn’t know what else to read, so yeah.

Another thing that annoyed me is it picked up right when she got released from prison. She trots down the street in her orange jumpsuit- I’m not sure about in America, but I’m pretty certain you leave in your own clothes, who’d want to leave in their prison clothes? Oh, yeah, this girl- and begins buying things for herself. Or, at least we’re told she’s bought things. An apartment, a car, new clothes… she’s just flooded with money. But, where does it all come from?

Well, apparently, it’s super easy to escape prison so most nights she would go fight and then sneak back in again. American Federal Prisons, or, at least the people in charnge, it seems that your security is crap. But, I mean, it’s okay. I can’t speak for all criminals but most like to sneak back in. So, it’s all good.



The next thing: this girl is not human. (I guess that explains the reason she could break out of prison and sneak back in again without anyone noticing.)
She runs, and runs and runs. Even if you were a pro athlete, winning gold in the olympics, you could not run as much as Chase Casedy. When they say ‘cross country running’, she literally runs cross country. What’s the point in her car if she can just run everywhere?

So, you’re minding your own business and a guy comes up to you saying, “Hey, you should join our gang?” and you’ve got your awesome running skills, what do you do?

Well, I don’t know what you would do but I’d use those badass running skills and get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

What I wouldn’t do is reply, “sure”, and then make plans to meet you and your boss later about joining your gang. And, even if I did agree to it, just to get them off my back, I wouldn’t show up later. No sane person would. But, I mean, she’s a criminal and top MMA fighter and all that jazz, that’s what she does.


So, she illegally fights. How do people know all about her then but not the cops? They must be really dumb. Or, they just happen to not exist in this story. I mean, why would they?

I’m not an underground fighter, I don’t know the rules (or lackthereof), but shouldn’t there be something about girls fighting men twice their size? Only Chase Casedy can fight those guys but they’re all in the same competition it seems.

Lastly, my main problem (I don’t remember this story well enough to delve deeper into characters and things. Yes, I did only read it two days ago): the ending was not what I expected and in no way is that good. I looked through the comments and most people, like myself, were raging. In no way, is that possible, except for Chase Casedy.
If you read the story, you’ll known exactly what I’m talking about. And, what’s worse is that there’s a sequel which is pretty much like the same thing all over again but with another person.


There’s way too much sarcasm in this review but, it was really needed.


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