Tag Thursday: Ultimate Book Tag pt. 2


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Welcome back to Tag Thursday! This part two of the Ultimate Book Tag.

1. What is your favourite classic book?

Well, I haven’t read many classics. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the few I did read but I actually really liked it. I also studied Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck in school and really liked that too.

2. In school, what was your best subject language arts or English?

Well, I’m still in school. Up until four years ago, English was one of my worst subjects. Until I started reading! So, if you happen to stumble upon this blog or happen to like posts based on books but don’t actually read, you should! This is proof. I went from pretty much failing English to getting only A’s. All because of reading.

3. If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated… what would you do?

Well, obviously, I wouldn’t be rude. I’d thank them and pretend I hadn’t read it. If it was a joke, I’d laugh and tell them they shouldn’t have wasted their money on that.

4. What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?

I don’t really like dystopian books and I’ve never read Harry Potter so I can’t recommend anything alike.

5. What is your favourite word?

Bibliophilia is one. It sounds so… disturbing. Like zoophilia. But it’s not! It’s good.

6. Are you a nerd, dork or dweeb? Or, all of the above?

I had to look this up. I feel like these are really American terms.

I think I’m a dork? I don’t even know. But hey, if you do comment!

7. Vampires or faries?

Magic isn’t a big favourite of mine and I think faries fall under the same category (don’t quote me on that) so I’m going to say vampires.

8. Shape shifters or angels?

Angels. As in, I prefer angel books. But, shape shifters are definitely cooler.

9. Spirits or werewolves?

Spirits, as in ghosts? Werewolves! I love werewolves.

10. Zombies or vampires?

I don’t think I’ve ever read any zombie books. I do like Shawn of the Dead though. Vampires again.

11. Love triangles or forbidden love?

I’m not a big fan of love triangles but I do love forbidden love romances! Not like incestual though.

12. Finally: Full on romance books or action-packed with a few loves scenes?

Is that even a question? Full on romance definitely.

Wow, there’s a lot of questions! Make sure to tell me if you feel the same about any of these things. Thanks for reading and I hope you check out further posts.



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