Maid for the Rockstar by Demelza Carlton



Published: August 2015

This is the first book in the Romance Island Resort series. Each book features Jay Felix, rockstar extraordinare. (I feel like that’s not how you spell it.)

This book follows the protagonist, Audra, who is a maid at the Romance Island resort. She’s been working there for quite a while, managing the regular rooms until the woman in charge of the private houses for the VIPs. One of those VIPs just happens to be Jay Felix.

He is a cocky rockstar who takes refuge in hiding out at Romance Island Resort when his bandmates threaten to break up the band. When Audra catches his attention, he’s determined to bed her. But, she’s determined to keep true to herself and never break the rule of no relationships with guests.

As much as I didn’t like Jay/Jason/Mr. Felix/whatever you want to call him and, as cliché as it is, I wouldn’t liked a happy ending for the both. That being said, I expected a lot more from Jay. I thought, maybe like any other cliché romance, he’d change for the better. But, I guess being a cocky asshole is something he liked about himself. But, I can see from the comments that no one really liked that so maybe a change would have been good.

“Well, fuck you, Jay Felix. You may be a rock star, but you’re a failure of a human being.”

He was a horny asshole and there’s no denying it.

There were some funny moments in this book though, I have to be honest. Maybe I was over-tired and would have found anything funny at that point in the night but it was quite entertaining. But, I think I’d be a bit more disappointed if I had have paid for this.

I really enjoyed the setting of the book. I’ve never been to Australia so some of the places I wasn’t sure existed and had to look them up. Places like Kimberly. The first result for there came up in South Africa. But, I think the island sounded pretty nice.

Oh god, there was that scene explaining what happened with Penny. Ughhhh

~ “My first thought was to stop, but you looked like you didn’t care. She’d said you sent her and you said to keep going… so then I wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated your gift and I…” Is he dense? *rolls eyes*

I actually kind of like Audra as the protagonist. And, the secondary characters were great characters too.

The ending for this book didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t a very good conclusion in my opinion. But, when I finished it, a second book was mentioned. I thought, “okay, there’s still time for a good close”. Nope, it’s not about Audra. Nor are the other three books in the series. There were a lot questions worth answering in the end and that didn’t happen either.

I gave this book 2.75 stars. I would continue reading the other books in the series if they weren’t about Jay’s sex-capades. Really, I thought he’d maybe try and only keep himself for Audra. Nope. Because, again, he’s a horny asshat. One could only hope, right?

Oh, well.

“I’d rather clean chocolate off the carpet than stay here and get raped by you, Caveman.”


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