Top Author Tuesday: Melanie Marks

Top Author TuesdayThis week’s Top Author Tuesday is Melanie Marks.

Melanie Marks in an author I discovered about four years ago. I would say her books are aimed more for teens on the younger side and that is why I have chosen her to be this week’s author. Usually, I will recommend books for older young adult readers and new adult readers so I thought this would be a nice change in case there are any younger readers here.

Marks is a good author if you are looking for short, clean romances. I’ve only ever read two of her books but all of them are fairly cheap on Amazon. I also know she has a lot of books published.

The first book I read was called His Kiss. It was a cutesy contemporary about a girl having to kiss the school’s bad boy, Griffin. That is all I needed to know and all I think you should know. Back then, I rated it four stars.

Another book I read by her is Fall for Me. (I don’t remember anything about this book, now thinking about it. And have also just found out this is a novella.) This book follows a girl called Zoey. Her boyfriend Finn cheats on her and so gives her a “free pass” to do the same without any consequences. The only person Zoey longs to kiss is Finn’s best friend Riley. Since reading it, it has also become a four book series. The following books are: Fall Forever, Finn’s Fall and Louder than Words.

I didn’t like this book as much as I did His Kiss but it was still enjoyable.

I have to say, some of her books (and also covers) are really cliché and cringe-y looking. Have a look here:





I also didn’t like was that her books really had no order to them. There were like five variations of the same book, or cross over books… It’s not a major problem but I like to have order with my reader. For example, after His Kiss, there is Her Kiss, His Kiss from Griffin’s perspective. Then there’s Griffin and Griffin #2. It also has connections in some way with High School Boys. There’s also a tween book called Do You Like Me Ally?  about the two man characters of His Kiss.

So, ignoring my two previous points that are totally doing the opposite of what I’m trying to make happen.

You should read Marks’ books if you are between the ages of 13-16 for her young adult books. She also has some middle grade/tween books. They are short, quick, cheap and clean romances and there are many to chose from.

Other books by the author include:

Ex-boyfriend, Kissing Kade, The Player, The New Boy, Getting Lucky for Christmas (sounds like an erotica but it’s not), My Brother’s Best Friend, Beck Bait, My Step Brother’s Kiss, Kissing, The Dating Deal, Craving and When Kyle Came Back.

As you can see, she has so many books!



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