Top Author Tuesday: Alexandra Vos

Top Author Tuesday

This week’s Top Author Tuesday is Alexandra Vos.

Alexandra Vos isn’t a very well-known author, in my opinion. Her books are self-published on Amazon. They all follow forbidden relationships, as far as I know. I’ve read two of them. She currently has five books published on Amazon now- Her Teacher’s Temptation, The Reluctant Assassin, Off Limits, Hunting Him and The Kissing Ban.

I first discovered her books last year on Wattpad. I read Her Teacher’s Temptation, which, back then went by a different name. It is set in England and follows Maddie Ashton, who has a one night stand during the summer. That one night stand- Ollie Wright, shows back up on the first day of school as her new English teacher.

That’s not all she has to deal with; he mother’s ex-boyfriend is causing trouble, her estranged father is back in town and he best friend is developing a drug addiction.

I really enjoyed this books and mentally rating it 4-5/5 stars, and adding it to my ‘love’ shelf on Wattpad. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t enjoy about this book. The characters were great, the relationship was giving me way too many feels and the plot was just spot-on.

A couple of weeks later, I discovered that all of her books were taken down from Wattpad and in their place were samples. I was upset, I wanted to get through more of her books. I didn’t get a chance too. Then, another couple of weeks later, I saw Alex post a message on her Wattpad asking if anyone was willing to read and review. Of course, I jumped at the chance.

I got in contact with her (she was super nice), and ended up being sent Off Limits for review. This book is a different sort of forbidden relationship, where two people are falling in love and the guy happens to be going out with the girl’s best friend.

Now, I don’t like infidelity. I think it is the stupidest, worst trope there is. It’s especially prevalent in young adult and new adult romance. And, I hate that. I hate that it’s a thing. Of course, it creates tension and drama but it’s… I just don’t like seeing it. [Discussion to come on Infidelity in books]

This book was different though. The two characters were meant to be together. In my review, I did talk about how they shouldn’t have prolonged telling the best friend/girlfriend and how that kind of annoyed me but I still enjoyed it very much.

If you would like to hear all of my thoughts on this book (there is a slight spoiler), you can click here to be redirected to my review.

I would recommend Vos to anyone who is into forbidden relationships, whether that be because it’s a student/teacher relationship or there’s just something else being in the way of them being together, making it a forbidden relationship.

The romance is really solid in her books also (from those I’ve read) so if you are looking for quick, enjoyable reads, she is a go-to author.

You can click here to go to her Amazon page. All of her books are $0.99, which is great value. You can currently only get her books in e-book form.


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