Five Favorites Friday

Hello fellow readers, it’s Karen!

So I decided to show you some of my five different favorite authors, each either published authors, or Wattpad authors.

Why don’t we get started?


~1~ My top favorite author currently is from Wattpad, and her name is Bella Higgin.

The reason she’s my favorite is partly because the book I’m currently reading by her is the absolute BOMB. It’s called Quarantine if you wanna give it a look.

Bella Higgin writes more realistically than anyone else I know on Wattpad, and already after reading one of her most popular books, I can tell you, she deserves the amount of readers she gets.

I have noticed as I went through reading her book, that she’s got a sense of humor, and I LOVE that about her. She’s also very polite towards her commenting readers, she responds as soon as she can, and that’s another reason I love her.

She’s probably one of my most favorite authors originating from England.


~2~ Next favorite author is actually a romance author, who originally started on Wattpad, but got published because her book was so good!

I remember I read her book My Life with the Walter Boys first on Wattpad, and then as soon as it came out in the published world, I immediately bought it and read it first thing. She was also realistic, but the thing that stuck out the most about her writing was the tension she put in her book. It was a tad cliché in my opinion, but I’m not giving a book review right now.

Sadly I can’t find her Wattpad account, so I can’t link you to her. But here’s her published book My Life With the Walter Boys.


~3~ One of my favorite published authors is Charlie Higson.

He writes my absolute favorite genre: Horror. His zombie stories are very realistic, and the first time I read them, I was actually scared. But I’m easily scared when it comes to horror. That must be why it’s my favorite genre…Anyways so if you wanna check out his zombie series I’ll link you to the first book: The Enemy.

I’ll give you a warning, Charlie Higson is unique with how he describes things.


~4~ So my fourth favorite author is another Wattpad author: N D Iverson. She was another author of a spectacular zombie novel. I thought it was well written, and have yet to read the sequel.


~5~ And last but not least, another favorite romance author of mine is Kiara Reneé. She’s also on Wattpad (sorry I’m a big Wattpad fan~) She wrote a very emotional romance book about YouTubers falling in love, and it’s the most amazing book I’ve ever read in the romance genre. It’s titled Kiss Cam. You should totally check it out!

Her writing style is humorous, thoughtful, and emotional all at once. She’s definitely worth reading in my opinion.


So those are five of my favorite authors!! I hope you can give each of them a look, and I’ll see you later. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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