Reading Out of Your Genre

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I’ve thought about this post for quite a bit and have finally decided to write it. Here goes.

My favourite genre is romance. (I think that is quite evident if you’ve seen any of my other posts.) And generally, I only read books with romance. Most of the time, I’m perfectly fine with that. I read a lot of sub-genres of romance, for example, paranormal. But, when new books are released and I see them on blogs or Booktube videos, I want them. And, a lot of the time, I buy them. Usually, I do have an interest in them but they’re not romances so I know I won’t enjoy them as much as I could potentially. Yet, I see people talking about them, I see people raving about how amazing they are and I want to jump on the band-wagon.

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to only read my genre. I find I tire myself out. You know, only reading variations of the same books. That is when I reach out to books in other genres. Like, when some people are in a really big sci-fi mood or a fantasy mood, I’m in a no-romance mood. But, in these instances, there’s always the library. And, it’s so useful.

If you, like me, are a reader of mainly one genre, utilise your local library. If you buy a book of another genre, knowing there’s a possibility that you may not like the book or may not even finish it, you might feel annoyed at yourself for buying it when you could have spent your money on something you knew you were going to like. If you have moments like me where you are looking for another genre, go to your library. The amount of books you can find there of other genres and borrow them for free is amazing.

I’ve finally decided that romance is my genre and I’m sick of buying books impulsively and not reading them.

If you find yourself liking one genre a lot more than you do others, it’s okay to only want to read books in that specific genre. There are so many popular books in your genre and so many undiscovered authors who could use your support. Don’t waste your money on books you have no interest in reading or mat not enjoy! You’re just wasting money and time.

So, read what you like and enjoy reading!




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