Werewolf Books with Kidnappings??


I like werewolf books, I’m not going to lie. There’s no point denying it- I’m a sucker for alpha males. I may be a cynic about anything relating to love, or true love, or soul mates or any other crap like that in real life but, I love a good werewolf story and I love the whole idea of mates.

That’s not what this is about today though. This is about the fact that whenever I read a werewolf book (mostly, if not all, on Wattpad) they always have to include a kidnapping. It’s always either the protagonist gets kidnapped by a rival gang, or she’s been kidnapped by people hired by the girl that’s out to get her.

These “plot points” are always near the end, just after the couple have finally gotten together, or at the very end so the author has a reason to write a sequel. Maybe they want the reads/money or maybe they just don’t want to let go of the characters yet.

Whatever the case may be, I have to say, I am so sick and tired of seeing this trope!

This post was thought up because I just recently finished reading a werewolf book off Wattpad called He’s My Mate by Brink1314. Because I am including this book in this discussion, I am spoiling and stating that indeed, this book ends with a kidnapping. And yes, the kidnapping is after the hero and heroine get together. And yes, there is a sequel to solve it all.

Why did this author feel the need to end her book this way? I, as well as probably a lot of other readers, would have been happy to bid farewell to the indecisive heroine and slightly manwhore-ish hero and leave on a happy note. But, that didn’t happen. No, instead we got a kidnapping and a book two.

What is it about this trope that makes it so desirable to include in a novel? Why is it that it is a common trope in werewolf novels. It’s not like werewolves are more likely to be criminals. Or, werewolves are easier to kidnap. I mean, they don’t exist arguable but if they did I bet they would put up a good fight.

I really would like to know why this trope is so common? Authors, you already have your beginning, your complication, your resolution and now you just need your conclusion. But, you decide on backing up to add in another complication. That’s fine and everything but why does it have to be so cliché?

A little sub-point to this mini rant, the heroine always seems to be mated with an alpha. I can see how this would make me more understandable, I guess, towards the heroine’s kidnapping because they are paired with someone of such power. But, if, throughout the novel, we see no interaction whatsoever with anyone of another pack, then how do they know who the luna is? They’ve never seen her before. They’ve never had contact with her or the alpha before. And, they really have no reason whatsoever to take the luna. (In a non-sexist way) She’s powerless without the alpha, is she not? She is not the sole ruler of the pack. If she isn’t mated to the alpha yet, she has as much power as any other regular member of the pack.

Why don’t they just go straight for the alpha? That’d make a lot more sense to me anyway.

I don’t know.

If any of you have any input whatsoever, please feel free to comment. Especially if you can answer these burning questions.




8 thoughts on “Werewolf Books with Kidnappings??

  1. Akaluv says:

    Most Wattpad writers write cliche books, in fact Wattpad has a reputation for only being cliche stories. The same plots, character types, and plot twist are used. Maybe try reading professional, published werewolf stories to find something different.

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    • Cate says:

      (I thought I replied to this but apparently not. Apologies for the late response.)

      Yes, that’s true. I have read published werewolf books too and from the ones I can recall, there’s been kidnappings. There’s less of the alpha trope though.

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      • Akaluv says:

        No worries =) I think kidnapping is an easy plot twist for writers to put in their books, especially if it’s romance. I don’t read werewolf stories, so I wouldn’t really know. I can’t really get into it.

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  2. journeyofangie says:

    I used to love reading werewolf stories in wattpad too.. As of now, I’m a bit hesitant because they seem a bit repetitive, plot wise..

    Anyway, if you’ve been reading books with kidnappings on the end for a cliffhanger, yours truly is sick of reading kidnapping at the beginning of every werewolf story I encounter in wattpad… You know, when the alpha sees his mate and they said “mine” and kidnaps the poor girl.. Lol😁

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    • Cate says:

      Yeah, they are. And, the guy never seems to be a regular guy. He almost always HAS to be an alpha. Yeah, haha. Oh, god! Those guys. Hahaha. I always laugh at those scene. They just remind me of dogs. Have you even seen Over the Hedge? There’s a dog in it and I always think of that dog. Instead of saying “mine” though, he says “play”.

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