Top Author Tuesday: Abbi Glines

Top Author Tuesday

I’ve decided to make Top Author Tuesday a monthly meme. The first Tuesday of every month I will recommend an author.

If you’re a new adult reader and you’ve never read any Abbi Glines books… Well, what are you doing here? You need to get out there right now and buy her books! (I mean, I can’t say much though. I’ve never read a Colleen Hoover.)

Abbi Glines has written many new adult books- the Sea Breeze series, the Vincent Boys duology and the Rosemary Beach series.

She has also written the Existence trilogy and the Field Party series, which are young adult.

I personally prefer her new adult books. Last month, I listened to Breathe on audiobook. (Click here for review.) also read The Vincent Boys and the first three books of the Rosemary Beach series (which is a trilogy in itself).

I’ve read the first book in the Field Party series- Until Friday Night (the only one currently available.) I didn’t enjoy this as much as I do her new adult books but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It seems there’s 8 books planned for this book and I can’t wait for some of them! Some of my favourite football players are getting their own books!

If you would like to read more of my thoughts on Until Friday Night you can click here for my review.


First three books in the Rosemary Beach series.


All of her books are contemporary romance except for the Existence trilogy which is paranormal romance. Existence (book one) was the first book I ever read by Abbi Glines. I really enjoyed them. This was probably the only series where I’ve read the book back-to-back. That included the novella too!

I think it’s pretty hilarious (I’m going to tell a funny story now) because after I read this trilogy, I bought the Vincent Boys on my kindle. I was really enjoying it and then I realised that it was most definitely not a young adult book. I was about thirteen and traumatised. I didn’t even know new adult existed.

I was really enjoying the book so I continued but I was so uncomfortable with certain situations that I had to skip over. So, what I’m saying is: If you’re about 16 (at minimum) or younger DO NOT READ THE VINCENT BOYS.


Another funny thing is that when I was reading it, my aunty saw me on my kindle and asked me what I was reading. I told her I couldn’t remember the name but it was by Abbi Glines. I swear, she almost had a heart-attack.

She was like “What?? I read her books! They’re not appropriate.”

I was internally freaking out but finally replied “No, I’m reading a young adult series. It’s set in a high school and the girl is only seventeen. And it’s about magic.” I was sort of describing the Existence trilogy but very vaguely.

She was like “Oh, thank god.”

Now looking back it’s quite hilarious. I dodged a bullet.

They changed the covers of the existence trilogy and, I mean, they were kind of cringe-y before but now they just look like regular stock images with free fonts. No offense to the cover designer.

I’ve heard that the Sea Breeze series is a lot better so I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to pick the series up.

Also, the second book in the Sea Breeze series- While it Lasts- is being made into a movie. So you should definitely read that one before the movie!

I’m not sure what it is about her books but I always enjoy them. I especially love her characters. They’re very life like and not at all one dimensional. They almost all have backstories, even currentstories (literally just made that word up) and obstacles that they have to overcome but you always finish the books feeling satisfied at the ending. Or, at least I do.

I really think that if you haven’t read any of her books, you are missing out and need to go read one immediately!



For those of you who have read an Abbi Glines book- which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!



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