My Weird TV/Movie Preference

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TV shows and movies are a big part of my life. Any time that I’m not reading, writing or blogging, I’m either watching an episode of a TV show or I’m watching a movie. And, unlike my reading habits- reading only romance- I watch a lot of different genres of TV and movie.

This post today is mostly about TV shows but I’m going to briefly mention about movies too. I’ve decided to do this today because I am going to include a new category in “Discussions” for TV and movie discussions.


My favourite kind of movie is action. I love action movies!! You would think my favourite movies to be romantic or rom-coms, but no. I rarely watch those. Maybe that’s why I can read so many of them because I’m not watching them too. I don’t know.

Two of my all-time favourite action movies would be Die Hard and Kingsmen: Secret Service. I love both of those so much! Taken, Mission Impossible and Charlie’s Angels are also some action movies I love.

Also, I love Taron Egerton! ❤

[If you haven’t seen any of those movies you should go check them out NOW! Forget this post, come back when you’ve seen all of them!]


TV for me gets even weirder. Sure, there’s shows like Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural that I can’t possible be in as much as I would like. But, when it comes to TV shows, I watch shows with professions I could never see myself in. [Post to come relating to some of those shows]

For example, I love law shows, e.g. Suits. But, I could never seen myself being a lawyer or anything related to working in a courthouse. But, I absolutely love that show!

I don’t know what it is but I love all shows that in real life I have no interest in. Another example, is medical shows. I watch some really good medical dramas for the actual MEDICAL side of it, nothing else. I just find it so fascinating. When, in real life, I had biology. So, I’d never be a doctor.

This is quite a short post and is highly unnecessary but I just felt the need to point it out. There are way too many of these shows!


Do you watch TV shows where you have no interest in the profession in real life?

Thanks for reading!



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