December TBR


My Goodreads goal is set to 45 books. Usually, not very high for myself. 2014, I read 115 books! Now, I’ve only read 38. I have 7 books to read in December at least. But, I also have a million books I need to get through ASAP. So, I’m not sure which are going to be the definite 7 but here are some books I need to read ASAP and the 7 are in here somewhere.

I’m going to split this between normal books and ARCs I have.



1. Harry Potter– I have finally decided to pick it up. No promises for this month but, if not, definitely in January.
2. Slammed– I’ve had from the library all month. I was meant to buddy read it in November but I didn’t get around to it because of how behind I was with my BRs.
3. Shatter Me– I’ve read but am re-reading in preparation for Unravel Me
4. Unravel Me– a book that’s been on my TBR for two years. Finally, I ordered it and plan on reading itΒ as soon as it arrives.
5. Opal– I’m buddy reading.
6. Origin– I’m also buddy reading (it may not be until January though).
7. The Lovely Reckless– I impulsively ordered this with the black Friday sales (even though I didn’t get this particular book for sale) and would like to get to it this month.
8. What Light– I got this for FREE at DeptCon back in October and, while it’s not high on my TBR, it is a Winter/Christmas-y book and I’d like to read it during that time.



1. A List of Cages– I’m buddy reading this.
2. Hole Hearted– I’m a part of Melissa Pearl’s ARC team and, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve reviewed many of her books (under both pen names). This one I am unfortunately behind on and it has already released.
3. Zenn Diagram– I’m buddy reading this.
4. Going Under– I don’t know really… why not? This isn’t a top priority and I probably won’t get to it. But, if I’m in need of some new adult, it’s there.

I’m currently reading another book but I started it on the 30th so I’m not counting it here.

(You will see some of these again in my upcoming haul but whatever.) So, it’s quite the ambitious TBR but it’d be great to get around to all of these. Usually, December is one of my busiest and less reading-filled months. But, a girl can dream, right?

What’s on your TBR? Any of these? Have you read any of these?



22 thoughts on “December TBR

    • Cate says:

      I know, it really is. I doubt ill get to them all but I’d like to finish my Goodreads goal. Will it be your first time? I’ve never read it before. I’ve got like 3 books in my mind ahead of it. I hear most people like to read it around this time.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Cate says:

      This will be my first time reading it. I hope I enjoy them. My friend has been bugging me to read them for so long! I enjoyed the first. Usually, not my cup of tea but I really liked the first. Fingers crossed they don’t annoy me as much, I’d like to like the series. Thank you, you too!


    • Cate says:

      Thank ya! I really e joyed the first but I’ve heard you either hate it or love it. Thereon in between. I’m hoping I continue to enjoy it. Me too! I was so excited when I heard it was releasing and I actually got it at some book event a week before it was released here and I was ecstatic! I loved 13 Reasons Why also. It was so gripping. (It was actually the first book I properly reviewed on my blog so it’s extra special.)

      Liked by 1 person

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