Stripped by Cordelia Scott


This is the second book I’ve received from the author in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this one so much more than the other. I feel like this book had so much more substance and depth to it than the previous book.

This book, and the other book I’ve read by this author- Resistance, (review here), both follow student/teacher relationships. Unlike Resistance, the two characters meet in school, whereas in resistance, they met before. This meant that their relationship began a lot different. They went into it with full knowledge that they student and teacher. And, really, I think Celeste needed Aiden.

It was like Aiden came into her life at just the right moment. He could have been anyone. But, he just happened to be one of her teachers. Had they met under different circumstances, he would have still wanted to help Celeste because he was a decent guy.

I really liked the relationship between the two (even if she called him Mr. Cunningham for wayyyyy too long). Aiden was just what Celeste needed and I loved how he was always there for her. She had so much on her plate but she hardly complained. It was a lot of work taking care of her little brother but she did it. Just so he could have a better life. It was quite admirable. She hated working in a strip club yet she did it to be able to provide for her brother. And Aiden didn’t judge.

If you like student/teacher romances i think you should check this one out because it was both really enjoyable and had a certain depth to it.


three-star.75 star rating




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