Experience by Cordelia Scott


I’m sorry but this review will be short. I couldn’t deal with Peter being her dad’s best friend and the HUGH age gap. I love age gaps in books, when they’re like ten years maximum but this one… She was eighteen and he was like forty. I’m sorry but that’s too much of a gap for me.

What made this even harder for me to read this was the fact that Gemma was quite immature. She didn’t care about her internship or even college, all she really cared about was seducing Peter and having a kid.

I almost didn’t finish this book. When I started it, i read almost all of it then stopped. I finished it just so I could write this review. It was just too weird for me. Also, after they… let’s say, gave in, it kind of felt rushed.

BUT, if you like really big age gaps, you might like it.



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