Review Policy

General Information:

I am currently accepting select Young Adult and New Adult books for review. If you are interested in contacting me, you can at

I am willing to accept print/ebook ARC copies or print/ebook finished copies. I do accept self-published or indie authors so long as they meet the genre criteria like any other publisher.

If the book you would like to send me is part of a series, I may need to ask for the previous books in said series if I do not already own them. That can be discussed when emailing.


I accept YA and NA books in the following genres:

 Romance | Thriller | Paranormal | LGBT+ | Contemporary | Myth/fairytale retellings

I am not accepting books in the following genres:

Fantasy | Memoirs/biographies | Non-fiction | Political | Historical (select historical if there is a romance cross-over)

Accepting a Book For Review:

If I accept a book for review, I will try have the review posted within a reasonable amount of time. Books that have a soon approaching release date will be a top priority in regards to the review being posted but I can guarantee any other books will be reviewed as soon as possible.

If a book is part of a series and I have been sent all released books, I would ask that extra time be given if there is a deadline to meet. As much as I would love to be able to read all day and all night, I can’t. I would ask that you give a minimum of two months for a series.


I try and write reviews for every book I read. That said, life gets in the way sometimes. Still, I try and be as honest and fair in my reviews as possible. That does not mean all my reviews will be positive.

My reviews are my own opinions and are in no way dictated by others’ views on any book/series. They are completely my own. If I do not like a book, I always try and point out why but, sometimes, it’s not as easy to pinpoint the exact reason. On that note, some reviews may be brief.

If I do not finish a book, which happens not very often, I still attempt a review, explaining my reasons for not finishing it and how far into it I got. If I do not finish it, I usually stop around one to two quarters in. If the book is really not doing it for me and I have to stop early in, it may only earn a short review.

Usually, if I do not have enough to say about a DNF’d book, I will only post a review on Goodreads. If I have enough to say, it could earn a longer review worthy of the space on my blog.

Review Structure:

When reviewing, I give a synopsis of the book. I also usually try and give a little insight into the characters, plot, their relationship etc., as well as my likes and dislikes. I always warrant a star rating.

I upload my review on to both this blog and Goodreads. I cannot write two reviews for each and every book I read so sometimes I may only have a star rating for a book on Goodreads. Usually, though, my review on Goodreads and the blog is the same.


I would be honoured to host a giveaway on my blog. I plan on hosting some of my own as well sometime. The book up for a giveaway must meet the genre criteria because they will be the book genres up for review. If you would like for me to host a giveaway, please email me with the following information included:

~ Information on the book itself, including: author, publishing house and date of publication

~ Attach a picture of the book if possible

~ Running time of the giveaway

~ Book format (hardcover, paperback, audiobook)

~ Shipping requirements (Ireland, UK/Ireland, Europe or International)

~ Any additional information (signed?, blurb, image of prize etc.)

Entries will be chosen using Rafflecopter

Guest Posts and Interviews:

I am willing to host guest posts and interviews for other bloggers, authors or any other people in the book industry on my blog. If you would like to be featured here, please email me at

If you are an author, please include:

~ Your name and the name of your book/series

~ A brief description of your book

~ Whether you would like to guest post or be interviewed

~ When you would like to be featured

~ If you would like to include anything for readers, such as giveaways, teaser chapters etc.

If you are a blogger or are in the book industry, please include:

~ Your name, your role and where you are (either your publishing house, blog, magazine etc)

~ Why you want to be featured

~ What you will talk about*

~ When you would like to be featured

*I can provide a topic for discussion if needs be.